About Us

About Us

It was the year 1982 when Borges opened this company. With it, he began a history of success the history of the company Borges Foods Ltd.

The "Borges" sausages are a proof of the continuation and the spirit of initiative shown by partners Mario Gomes and George Romeiro, which have continued to run the company after Luis Borges.

Many years of hard work and experience in this line of business have created the foundations for the creation of a company which was capable of surpassing the inter-provincial barriers by obtaining a license to operate and distribute its products in Canada in 1996.

Always respecting the culture values by which the company exists and the natural taste of the genuine, Borges Foods to the evolution of eating habits by creating a complete scale of varied Borges products.

Due to the high quality of the products, the Borges merchandise began being demanded in every market, forcing the company to increase its production.  At the same time, in 1997 the company was forced to expand and to introdue new technology to respond to these high demands.

This increase has not taken the attention way, from the most principle of the company, the quality of its products and services. We proud ourselves in the technological equipment we have.  We do not settle for less than perfect hygiene at our establishment.  We have set as priority the high level of care in the making of each produ t and in serving effectively the client.

That is the reason why Borges products are recognized nationally and internationally for its high nourishing quality.  Following the speed of progress, the Borges products have reached a dimension that places them among the best Portuguse products in Canada.

As we enter the new millennium, Mario Gomes and George Romeiro are still very attentive to the spirit of initiative that has marked this successful company.

"Quality, Innovation, and Competence."

These are the three driving forces behind Borges Foods. They are its past; its present and they will be its future. They are its trademark and the guaranteee that Borges will always have a special place at your table.